Vacuum Area

Vacuum Area

Compact vacuum group PG35/38-F1

Upgraded design which allows quick, easy maintenance, better use of space and a soundproof cabinet which significantly reduces noise.

Vacuum pumps RV + RVB

Highly ecological pumps. They are usually used for the pumping  of material which is contaminating wastewater and to pump vapours and recover them in the purest form possible.

Vacuum pumps RVR + RVRB

Pump designed for applications requiring constant vacuum. It incorporates a recirculation bypass system controlled by an overpressure valve.

Vacuum screw pumps RVS + SCREW

Pumps designed with a single screw for a wide range of chemical and industrial processes. Increases the compression to give a faster pump.

Blowers for lorries

Enhanced efficiency for the suction and pneumatic transport in lorries. With a new design which maximizes workload and optimizes the processes of suction and impulsion.

Magnetic coupling RVM

Pumps activated by magnetic coupling which gives a tighter static closure, significantly less leakage and lengthens the life of the pump.

Roots type pumps RVTP Three-lobe

Three-lobe pumps designed to be activated by flexible coupling. They are particularly suitable where high speeds and low pressure is required.

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