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Roots air blowers products

Recognized internationally as manufacturers of ROOTS positive displacement blowers, pumps and vacuum systems.

In Pedro Gil, we have been providing technologically advanced, high performance air blowers with excellent durability, for more than 100 years. We continue to offer leading-edge technology, service and quality so that our clients can enjoy global cover and efficient after sales service.

Pedro Gil products – Pressure and Vacuum

Our specialities are the areas of Pressure and Vacuum.

A wide range of options offering the most technologically innovative solutions in the sector is available for each of these lines.


Different products. Different applications.

Depending on the situation, a product from our vacuum or pressure ranges could be the solution. Here are some examples:

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Waste water treatment

The reliability of our air blowers means they can work at optimal performance on the tasks of biological treatment and filter cleaning 24 hours a day.

Air blowing

Optimization of energy consumption through the use of a frequency converter which constantly adapts to the airflow required for the process.

Pneumatic conveyance

Our pressure and vacuum blowers can deal with all types of lean phase pneumatic conveyance.




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High vacuum

We specialize in pumps and dry vacuum systems for a wide range of processes.



We have a wide range of air blowers specifically designed for suction-drive mobile systems and trucks.

After sales service

Our work doesn’t finish with the sale.

In our drive to give the best possible service we have developed an after sales monitoring system which means we can ensure total client satisfaction.


We guarantee that your machine will come back to you as good as new.

settings-icon We confirm that your blower is at its peak of performance with a bank of tests (motors of up to 315kW).
spanner-icon We give you maintenance guidelines to maximize the life of your machines. We recommend consulting the user manual.
file-icon We produce a report detailing the causes of the breakdown.
calculator-icon We will give you a no-obligation free quotation within 48 hours.
arrows-icon Blowers are available for rent to cover your needs during the repair.


After sales service

If you have had any kind of problem with one of our products or you have a query, do not hesitate to get in contact with us so that we can assist you.


Our clients

Some of the companies who have put their trust in Pedro Gil.

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