Pressure Area

Pressure Area

High pressure blower group PG30-F1

Innovative design which saves time and trouble in maintenance, and a soundproof cabinet which significantly reduces the acoustic impact in the workplace.

Roots type blower RNT

All the advantages the Pedro Gil high pressure blower group in the RNT blower, also known as a low pulsation, high frequency three-lobe system.

Gaseous vapor blower

A rotary lobe blower for the displacement of gases and vapours. Maximum pressure 1 bar(g), flow from 60m3/h to 10,000m3/h. For more information, consult the manufacturer.

Blowers for lorries

Enhanced efficiency for the suction and pneumatic transport in lorries. With a new design which maximizes workload and optimizes the processes of suction and impulsion.

Turbo Blower

With minimal vibration and low noise level, the versatility of turbo technology is striking for its functional diversity and respect for the environment.

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