Magnetic coupling RVM

Magnetic coupling RVM

Vacuum pumps.

These kinds of pumps can be found in all industrial activities where vacuum is required from atmospheric pressure up to1x10-3 mbar (appropriately matched ).  Some examples are the food, electrical, mechanical, chemical industries and many others.


The main feature of these pumps is their use for the pumping of material which contaminates wastewater and their treatment of attendant liquids from the pump which makes them highly ecological. The same applies to vapour pumps where the purest recuperation is required. They are ideal for extremely short pumping cycles in large chambers.

Characteristics of magnetic coupling RVM.

Continual research by the R+D+I department in Pedro Gil and over 40 years experience manufacturing Roots type vacuum pumps, has resulted in one of the most important recent improvements.


The elimination of a dynamic seal for the drive shaft and its replacement by magnetic coupling gives a tighter static closure, significantly less leakage and considerably lengthens the life of the pump. Roots type vacuum pumps RVM activated through magnetic coupling provide clear advantages over conventional pumps. The leakage rate is much less, such that the vacuum working level can reach 10-5 mbar, providing much better performance in the high vacuum range. The tightness of the compression chamber is achieved through locking segments or specific closures for particular applications.

Roots type pumps.

Root type pumps belong to the positive displacement group. Two symmetrical figure of eight pistons rotate in opposite directions without touching each other or the housing, appropriately geared and housed within the pump unit. Activation of the pistons is through a gearbox which synchronizes the rotation and guarantees absence of contact between them. Roots type pumps are better used in combination with an initial stage pump (liquid ring pumps, rotary vane pumps, etc.)


With an adequate coupling between the initial stage pump and different units, very good pumping capacity at very high vacuum can be reached. They are especially appropriate where high speeds and low pressure are required.

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