Vacuum screw pumps RVS + SCREW

Vacuum screw pumps RVS + SCREW

Vacuum screw pump operation.

Pumps designed with a single screw for a wide range of chemical and industrial processes. Two rotors turn in opposite directions without touching each other or the housing, appropriately geared and housed within the pump unit and without any liquid valve closure. The rotors are synchronized through a pair of gears sucking the gases from the liquid closure process and moving them, by way of other rotors to the discharge flange.


The variable pitch hybrid screw, in comparison with traditional screws, considerably increases the efficiency of compression to give faster and more consistent pumping. It also reduces the increase in temperature caused by compression, which means a safer pump. This is particularly important in the discharge of gases, achieved thanks to the special design of the hydrodynamic spiral in the unit’s cooling jacket, which complies with ATEX regulations.


This high performance is also reflected in pump’s energy consumption.

Industrial vacuum processes.

A wide range of industrial and research laboratories often need to reduce the vacuum temperature and maintain the vacuum at a determined level.


Generally at pressure levels of 1 x 10-6 Torr or even less, and capacities of thousands of m3. The pump model Robustar is specifically designed for high speed pumping and large flows, for industrial processes in general such as steel degassing. In these applications, Roots type pumps are used in series to achieve high volume pumping. They also achieve a high pumping rate at pressures of 0.1 mbar or even less, with a significant reduction in process time, and at a totally acceptable pressure so as to be able to work continually with Roots pumps continually.


  • High speed pumping.
  • Greater level of vacuum achievable.
  • Unique cooling system with hydrostatic spiral.
  • No cooling gas necessary up to 800 m3/h.
  • Lower discharge temperature.
  • Less power absorbed.
  • Lower vibration level.
  • Lower noise level.
  • Easier use and lower maintenance costs.
  • Robust hexagonal housing design.
  • Wide range of compatible processes.

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