Bare shaft blower RNT

Bare shaft blower RNT

Faster and quieter.

Pedro Gil presents their blowers, designed for faster, easier and efficient maintenance.


The soundproof cabinet has doors which open to give access to the blower group to carry out regular maintenance, which can be done with the same speed as with an F-1. It is also possible to install several groups side by side without any interference between them saving space and with total access.


Current acoustic regulations have become an important element in most work environments. We have carried out acoustic studies to significantly improve this product. The units are made of galvanized iron and each panel has a core of fonoabsorbente sound absorbing material.

Characteristics of the bare shaft blower RNT

The RNT blower is also known as the pulsation dampening, high frequency three-lobe blower. Its rotating pistons have three sealed lobes, dynamically balanced within a forged housing. This housing includes a specific system in the discharge function which allows progressive compression and therefore a reduction in vibration where it occurs.


The gears use helical heat-treated machined teeth in compliance with DIN-6. The fitting on the shaft is conical, without parallel keys and lubrication is by oil splash for the gears as well as the bearings. The seal between the compression chamber and the oil housing is achieved by way of labyrinth segment seals and an intermediate condensation chamber. Finally, the seal between the drive shaft and the outside is achieved through a radial lip seal (retén).

Applications for our blowers:

  • Water purifiers
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Aeration of fish farms
  • The provision of air to gas/air burners
  • The textile industry
  • The paper industry
  • Fluidization
  • Transport of non-explosive gases.

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