High pressure blower group PG30-F1

High pressure blower group PG30-F1

Faster and quieter.

Pedro Gil presents their blowers, designed for faster, easier and efficient maintenance.


The soundproof cabinet has doors which open to give access to the blower group to carry out regular maintenance, which can be done with the same speed as with an F-1. It is also possible to install several groups side by side without any interference between them saving space and with total access.


Current acoustic regulations have become an important element in most work environments. We have carried out acoustic studies to significantly improve this product. The units are made of galvanized iron and each panel has a core of sound absorbing material.

Characteristics of the rotary blower group



  • A triple-lobe blower blower RNT.
  • A suction filter-muffler.
  • A frame which is also a discharge silencer, made from metal and ecologic.
  • Activation through an electric motor and transmission by belts and pulleys with a taper-lock.
  • Steel transmission protection, as well as a soundproof cabinet.
  • A safety valve, able to release all the air in the event of excessive pressure..
  • A check valve which protects the blower group against blowback, through the discharge pipe.
  • The connection between the blower group and the system is by a neoprene sleeve.
  • Every cabinet in the group is supported on vibration damping, cushioned feet.
  • Oil filling and draining system.

The advantages of our blowers

Easier access to the principal maintenance sites and to all the safety and non-return valves through a clearly visible pressure panel on the side.


Optimal use of space.
Process registers in the front and rear panels of the cabin which facilitate the installation of more blower groups at each side.


Easy access safety valve.


Oil level visible from outside the cabinet and the filter cartridge changed by only opening the cabinet door.

User friendly.
A system which simplifies the filling and draining of oil conveniently, reliably and quickly. Belt tightening without the need to dismantle the cabinet.


Integrated in the floor of the cabinet


Information clearly displayed.
Electronic control panel to measure temperature, vibration and oil level. Optional internet connection.


Easily movable.
The optimal design of the cabinet allows the easy movement and relocation of the cabinet.

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