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The Impact of the TPG Turbo Blower - Pedro Gil

Explore a brand-new TPG Turblo Blower from Pedro Gil and find out about its benefits from the multitude of industries.


New RPG Lobe Blower - Pedro Gil

Explore the innovative RPG Lobe Blower by Pedro Gil, a game-changer in industrial airflow efficiency, design, and application versatility.


Exposolidos 2024: Innovation and Future - Pedro Gil

Pedro Gil at Exposolidos 2024. This year with a focus on sustainable and efficient technology for solid processing. Here's our story.


Visit us at Exposolidos, 6-8 February: Booth E306


New technical service in the UK

We have recently reached an agreement with the company S and A Engineering Services to offer technical and after-sales service to all our teams in the UK. An alliance with a company of reference in the country.


What are Industrial Vacuum Pumps?

An industrial vacuum pump is a mechanical device designed to extract gases or liquids from the interior of containers, tubes or any system where the reduction of their interior pressure to levels less than atmospheric is required. In Pedro Gil, we manufacture different types of vacuum...


Roots Blowers: Complete Guide and How to Choose

Explore our comprehensive guide on Roots Blowers, covering types, working principles and selection tips. Contact us for more information.

Pedro Gil SPG Machine_00048_square

Pedro Gil Introduces SPG Oil-Free Screw Compressor

Pedro Gil Introduces SPG Oil-Free Screw Compressor, Revolutionizing the Industrial Blower Market


Turbo blower: innovation & efficiency

Pedro Gil expands its product catalogue with the latest aeration technology, adding a new turbo blower pump designed for wastewater treatment. This new machine, perfect for working with large flows and high pressures, stands out for its innovation and higher yields, with proven improvements between...


TPG Turbo Blower: Efficiency and Reliability - Pedro Gil

Discover the TPG Turbo Blower, ideal for industries requiring clean air and energy efficiency. Request more information.