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TPG Turbo Blower Series

Advanced Technology for Maximum Performance

Pedro Gil leads in environmental solutions with the TPG Turbo Blowers,, specifically designed to maximize operational and energy efficiency in a variety of industries, including wastewater treatment, mining, energy, petrochemical, and more. TPG Blowers are a range with pressure reaching up to 1,500 mbar(g) and a maximum flow of 26,500 m3/h, or, alternatively, with pressure up to 1,500 mbar(g) and a maximum flow of 11,500 m3/h. 

The TPG Turbo Blowers incorporate oil-free technology, using air foil bearings that not only reduce friction but also maintenance and energy consumption. This innovative design allows the TPG to operate with exceptional energy efficiency.

We offer customized solutions to industries worldwide through a broad portfolio of TPG products. These systems are the result of extensive research and development, applying patented technology that sets them apart in the market.

Exclusive Features