New magnetic vacuum pump, the perfect complement


The Pedro Gil R&D&I department has developed one of the most important improvements in recent times for booster vacuum pumps. The new RVM has a magnetic coupling system that replaces the traditional dynamic shaft seal.

Through this innovative system, Pedro Gil presents a new, more watertight vacuum booster, highlighted by:

  • considerable reduction of leakage.
  • higher pressure and pumping speeds.
  • greater performance and productivity of production lines.

Jose Orantes, manager of the Pedro Gil vacuum area, remarks that the friction in the coupling shaft to the motor “can increase revolutions in the machine operation. At the same time, the number of repairs caused by friction are reduced”.

Reduced maintenance costs

In this sense, the magnetic coupling also leads to significant advantages in maintenance costs. Improved watertightness lengthens the lifespan of equipment, owing to a less aggressive coupling system. It is also a more economical system that does not require maintenance, owing to the absence of shaft seals.