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SPG Oil-Free Low Pressure Screw Compressor

Extremely efficient oil-free compressor unit, in two versions: up to 1,000 mbar (g) with a maximum capacity of 10,100 m3/h and up to 2,500 mbar (g) with a maximum capacity of 9,400 m3/h.

In a competitive global market, our long history of supplying compressed air solutions that suit the customers’ exacting requirements sets us apart from the rest


Using modern machining systems and state-of-the-art production processes, our product range is constantly evolving. With a presence in over 50 countries we offer local service capability, ensuring our advanced technology is backed by technical support.


One of our latest product innovation is the new Screw compressor unit the oil-free screw compressor package combines the features of the proven P.D. Blower compact units with innovative components and design:

  1. Efficient thanks to its unique patented rotors, which reduce the number of revolutions and enhance the capacity-pressure ratio
  2. Silent as a result of high-efficiency internal compression, silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure
  3. Simple installation and configuration
  4. Flexible to ensure the operation at the point of best efficiency
  5. Oil free for a more environmentally-friendly operation (Class 0 certification, according to ISO 8573-1)
  6. Ease of maintenance thanks to its simple and robust construction
  7. Customised with a wide range of options available



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