Turbo Blower: Innovation & Efficiency


Pedro Gil expands its product catalogue with the latest aeration technology, adding a new turbo blower pump designed for wastewater treatment. This new machine, perfect for working with large flows and high pressures, stands out for its innovation and higher yields, with proven improvements between 15 and 20%. The most significant features of the new turbo blower pump are:

  • Simple and low cost maintenance
  • Compact size, simplifying both transport and installation
  • High efficiency, with energy savings up to 45%
  • Almost vibration free, due to its pressurised air film bearings

Everything that reduces maintenance times makes users more interested in using this type of machinery,’ states Alfons Elies, a technical manager at Pedro Gil. The technology applied to this type of turbo blower practically eliminates all maintenance tasks. As there is no physical contact between the axle and the bearing, no lubricants are required, and air that is 100% oil free is guaranteed. The cost of the machine is higher, but its versatility and low maintenance requirements—consisting solely of cleaning and/or replacing air filters—let customers amortise their investments quickly.

Energy efficiency for greater savings and environmental protection

The new turbo blower pump incorporates a frequency inverter so that discharge flow and pressure can be regulated. This in turn lets customers be more efficient and reduce their operating costs. The design used for compression and the application of motors with permanent magnets increases the pump’s electromechanical efficiency up to 65%, compared to regular standard machines.

Compressed air in the turbo blower covers the needs of many industrial processes. Bearing in mind that between 50 and 80% of electricity consumption at a treatment plant comes from blowers, more efficient and better performance represents substantial economic savings. Significant advantages are also obtained in the pneumatic transport sector.

The machine’s low level of sound pollution is another relevant advantage. Due to the air film bearings, there is no contact between the axle and bearings, leading to much lower noise levels than average.

Easy to assemble and easy to use

The new Pedro Gil turbo blower pump is sold as a stand-alone unit. Its compact structure and small size means that installation costs drop to a minimum. Further, the LCD touch screen is extremely easy to use and lets pressure readings be monitored, as well as air flow, RPM, temperature and consumption.

With this new turbo blower machine, Pedro Gil keeps on adding advanced technology to its portfolio, so it can offer new and better solutions to its customers.