Pedro Gil is improving communication with clients


No matter how many years go by, and since 1897, that is quite a few, in Pedro Gil we remain eager to grow and improve our service, not only at a technical level, but for our clients as well, because they are the most important people.

That’s why we have just expanded and strengthened our online presence with two key measures focused on communication with our clients:

New corporate website


At last we can say: we have a new website.

Although the old one will forever have a place in our memories, the new site is more visually attractive, is more structured and contains more information about us and our products.

Moreover, and very importantly, if you are registered you will have access to a new and very useful online calculation tool for special offers. We will tell you more about this in future posts, but it seemed important to us that you should know, because it’s something you can already benefit from through being clients of Pedro Gil and thanks to the new website. Register and start to enjoy using this innovation!    

Furthermore, we will maintain functionalities such as downloading our product catalogues, the “Contact” section, and this very blog. Here we will continue informing you, and sharing news about us, the latest trends in the sector, future launches, etc.  

If you don’t want to miss any articles in our blog, you can subscribe to our newsletter  where we share the latest news from the Pedro Gil blog.


Pedro Gil and LinkedIn

Carrying on with the improvements in our communication strategy, we have recently signed up to LinkedIn, the social network oriented to business, where we have created a new company profile.

You can follow us and keep up to date with everything happening in Pedro Gil and in the sector, and comment on our updates. Also, if you have a question or want to get in touch, this channel is a new way to contact us.


As we said at the beginning of the post, we continue improving, we continue growing and implementing small changes which bring us closer to our objective: to be the benchmark company in pressure and vacuum solutions, and this includes enhancing our communication so as to get closer to our clients.