Pedro Gil Commits To A More Sustainable Energy System


The 2016 report by the Spanish Observatory on Energy and Sustainability verifies—once again this year—that the Spanish energy system continues to lack sustainability and warns of the urgent need to make the transition to a more environmentally friendly energy model. At Pedro Gil, we want to make our small contribution to resolving this problem, and we constantly work to contribute to greater energy savings and efficiency in our working model.

According to the report issued by the BP Chair of Energy and Sustainability at the Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE, the Spanish energy model continues to reveal significant challenges with regard to economic efficiency, dependency on foreign energy and environmental impact. Current shortcomings are due to neglecting to emphasise the important role of energy efficiency and active consumers.

At Pedro Gil, we have a firm commitment to machines that let our customers gain greater efficiency. For this reason, we offer the possibility of delivering all equipment with an electrical control panel and variable frequency drive already incorporated. This entails a wide range of advantages:

  • Large energy savings: since customers can adjust the system flow, providing the exact flow required for the machine, according to needs at any given time
  • Easy to start-up: simply supply voltage to the electrical panel
  • Guaranteed reliability and alarms can be added for temperature and overpressure

With this measure, at Pedro Gil we aim to adapt our production business to more sustainable methods, which help reduce greenhouse emissions and increase efficiency energy use. This global challenge—changing the production model and consumption patterns—requires that we all make small gestures to help. At Pedro Gil we have started with the services we provide to our customers, thinking of global energy savings, as well as our customers’ savings.