Dry Vacuum Pump: Less Consumption And Better Results


Pedro Gil has reinforced its commitment to the range of dry screw vacuum pumps, new machinery, which in spite of its high initial cost, is highlighted owing to:

  • reduced energy consumption (calculated at between 10% and 25% of saving over conventional equipment).
  • less environmental pollution.
  • improved vacuum level.

“The rest are only advantages, and depending on its use, it can be repaid within two or three years, “, explained Jose Orantes, manager of the vacuum area of Pedro Gil.Unlike other, traditional damp sealing vacuum systems, the new range of products operates without any sealing fluid to establish the vacuum. This also eliminates fluid decontamination costs, it simplifies control processes and maintenance and better adapts to environmental regulations.

Suitable for all sectors

This machinery is applicable to all industrial sectors, which are increasingly using this type of equipment. At technical level, the dry pump covers practically the whole range of flows and pressures required by the industry. They are also adjustable to adapt to each production process.

This model of pump is especially designed for high pumping speeds and large flows, for steel degassing industry processes, although it has also been introduced in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food sectors.

Faster, safer and more homogeneous pumping

Another feature to consider is the variable pitch, hybrid screw. This improves the attainable level of pumping and works at a lower temperature than traditional constant pitch screw systems. In this sense, the new machinery considerably increases compression efficiency, for faster, safer and more homogeneous pumping. This equipment also has a lower sound and vibration level and low-cost, simple maintenance.