Pedro Gil at Exposolidos 2024: Bridging Innovation and Market

Exposolidos 2024, the prestigious International Exhibition of Technology and Processing of Solids, opened its doors this February, bringing together leading industry players. This year, as in previous years, Pedro Gil was present at this event that offers a unique platform for showcasing the latest innovations and technologies. From February 6 to 8, we were able to present our latest advancements in vacuum systems, our new Screw Blowers, and engage in intriguing discussions about the future of solid processing, forging key industry connections. Here, we share more details about this event.

Exposolidos 2024: A Sustainable and Efficient Future

Exposolidos 2024 is a leading fair in Southern Europe, specializing in the handling and processing of solids, bulk materials, dry powders, semi-solids, and the separation of solids and liquids. It's an event that provides a platform for national and international companies to present advanced technological solutions.

Since its inception in 1998, the exhibition has seen a significant increase in exhibitors and professional visitors. The 2022 edition saw the participation of 8,300 professional visitors, 142 direct exhibitors, and 420 represented brands, demonstrating the event's growth and significance in the industry.

For the 2024 edition, Exposolidos has continued to expand its scope and delve into current topics. The event showcased innovation through various activities, including technical conferences, product demonstrations, and networking spaces, offering learning and collaboration opportunities for professionals.

With an eye on the future, the exhibition focused on integrating sustainable and technologically efficient solutions, maintaining its commitment to promoting progress and excellence in the industry.

Pedro Gil at Exposolidos 2024: Innovation and Tradition in Vacuum Systems

At Exposolidos 2024, Pedro Gil's presence was noteworthy, showing significant evolution from our previous participations. This year, we have introduced our Screw Blowers range SPG, focusing on highlighting specific developments and advanced solutions addressing current market needs.

The screw blower range completes our offer for the pneumatic conveying application, achieving up to 2,500 mbar(g) as maximum pressure and 10,500 as maximum flow.

Our range of blowers perfect meets this application requirements, like as efficiency, the possibility of be featured with  variable speed drives to adjust the airflow according to the specific requirements of the pneumatic conveying system; low maintenance and robust designs that contribute to long service life and oil free certification.


Our products and services, specializing in the manufacture of positive displacement air blowers, pumps, and vacuum systems for over a century, have once again demonstrated our ability to adapt and innovate in response to the changing needs of the international market. For Pedro Gil, Exposolidos represents an invaluable opportunity to strengthen our professional network, consolidate our market position, and increase our visibility in the industry. It's a stage that allows us to directly interact with potential customers, partners, and competitors, showcasing the quality and innovation that characterize us.

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Connecting with the Future at Exposolidos

The synergy between innovation and collaboration promoted by events like Exposolidos is indispensable for the sector's advancement. Active participation from companies like ours is essential for technological progress, allowing us to look towards the future with a clear vision of our role in the industry's evolution. For those interested in being part of this future and discovering the solutions in Lobe and Screw we're developing, we invite you to stay updated on our latest news. We will continue to share our experiences and advancements through our platforms and communications, ensuring the Pedro Gil community is always informed and connected with the latest in our field.