The Proven Efficiency Of The New Turbo Blowers From Pedro Gil

In any industrial process, an increase of only 5% in the efficiency of the process represents a big difference. Can you imagine the impact of an improvement in performance of up to 20% in these processes? Well these are the yields being achieved in aeration efficiency with the new range of Turbo Blowers from Pedro Gil.


Clean, efficient aeration for industrial processes

There are many industrial processes which require a constant or intermittent flow of compressed air. In a purification plant, for example, between 50% and 80% of the electricity consumed corresponds to the blowers used: they are indispensable in supplying the air needed by the microorganisms which act in the water treatment process.

A technological advance such as with the Turbo Blowers from Pedro Gil means, then, a considerable saving in operating costs for these industries. Let’s look at this in detail, together with the other benefits that this technology brings:


Total control

The equipment includes a simple control panel integrated with an LCD touchscreen which allows:

  • Monitoring the pressure in real time, the flow, the temperature, the RPM and consumption.
  • Controlling the variables such as the flow or pressure by means of the frequency shifter.

This way, the client gains enhanced control over the process, a better capacity for adaptation, and improved efficiency.

Durability with minimum maintenance

“The Turbo Blower is designed, manufactured and tested for 50,000 operations. That is to say, 100,000 starts and shutdowns, which means an extremely long operating life including in those industries where even more operations are carried out ”


Xavier Rodríguez, head of the Commercial Department in Pedro Gil.

The key to this durability lies in innovative lubrication-free technology. Standard blowing equipment has, until now, operated using oil to reduce friction in bearings and gears. But the Turbo Blower works with foil-air bearings. The axle and bearings do not come into contact.

This means great durability and spectacular energy savings, but it also means an extraordinary reduction in maintenance requirements. It is never necessary to change the oil or clean and repair the belts, it’s enough to change the filters in a timely manner. This way, we achieve greater time and money savings for the client.

Reduced environmental impact

Bearings which are 100% oil-free not only means efficiency and savings: the impact on the environment is also reduced.

“This is something which can be seen including at the level of acoustic contamination”, says Xavier Rodríguez, “Operating with foil-air bearings changes everything. Vibration is reduced to below 1 mm/s, and noise reduced to levels lower than 80 decibels.”


This signifies a direct improvement in the quality of the work environment in any industry which uses a Turbo Blower.


Other innovations in this aeration technology compared to standard systems is that additional cooling is not required. We have designed the motor and the inverter with a two stage self-cooling system which is able to reduce the temperature by more than 10 °C.


Turbo Blower technology is not only aimed at efficiency: it must also be versatile. The cabinet has a compact, easy to install design, and is totally sealed against water and humidity. This means that the equipment can be equally operated inside or outside which together with the ease of installation reduces construction costs which other standard machines entail..

This means that the equipment can be equally operated inside or outside which together with the ease of installation reduces construction costs which other standard machines entail.


Which industries can take most advantage of the Turbo Blower?

The Turbo Blower means quick amortization for those industries which need a supply of compressed air.

  • The energy sector, to supply air to the reactors.
  • The mining and metallurgical sectors since air flow is indispensable for ovens, combustion and oxidation processes and other reactions.
  • In the petrochemical sector significant cost reductions can be achieved in the production of fertilizers, or in the recovery of sulphur from refineries.

And then, of course, there are the purification plants and the cosmetic and food industries which have to carry out biological water treatments. For all of these, as for those mentioned above, the Turbo Blower means savings and efficiency in their industrial processes.