Pedro Gil Has Signed Agreements to Operate In Egypt and Indonesia


Pedro Gil continues to increase its global presence. After making good headway in China and expanding in Europe, this time the strategy for growth has led the company to sign agreements with two Egyptian companies as well as two companies in Indonesia. Currently Pedro Gil has a presence in more than 40 countries.

The signing of these agreements will bring about a more active and effective presence in two growing markets and will also allow the company to be able to offer technical support and after-sales service to future clients.

Purification plants in Egypt

Giza, located on the west bank of the Nile, near Cairo, is an important population and tourist centre in Egypt. It is there where you can find the company’s new distributor: Pilot For Engineering Works. Mr. Mohamed Kamal, the owner, came to Pedro Gil’s premises in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, in person to sign the agreement. This gave an opportunity to show Mr. Kamal the nature of the company, leaving him with a positive impression of product quality and the organization of the factory.

Cement plants in Indonesia

Finally, in order for Pedro Gil to achieve a presence in Indonesia, the company has joined forces with PT. Indaya Dinamika Sejati, in Surabaya. This port city on the island of Java, is a large metropolis which combines its modern skyscraper architecture with canals and historical buildings.

Pedro Gil’s Operations Manager, José A. Orantes, travelled personally to the PT. Indaya Dinamika Sejati factory to close an agreement which is highly advantageous for both parties. A highlight of the visit was his satisfaction on seeing the high level of professionalism of the technical and after-sales team, as well as the solid commercial structure established throughout Indonesia. .

Currently, more than 20 special systems for cement plants have been sold to their new associate. However, the most important factor, as much for this agreement in Indonesia as for that reached in Egypt, is the motivation all parties have shown in dealing with these new projects. As CEO Pedro Gil puts it, “I always say that two and two must add up to five. And this is what we have achieved with these new agreements”.

And so, to sum up, the objective is to continue growing and looking to the future, always from the standpoint of professionalism and technical quality which has characterized the company since its beginnings.