Steadily Making Headway In China


Our venture into China which we began a few years ago is becoming consolidated. The Asian giant never fails to surprise us and having the opportunity to contribute to the country’s development is not only a source of pride, but also of motivation.

The supply of drinking water

Access to drinking water must be a right for everybody. In China, there are many small contaminated rivers which are the main source of water for a multitude of villages. This causes malnutrition, illness and in general makes living conditions worse for people, as well as for animals, plants and other living things, not to mention the impact on the local and global environment.

In response to a request from the Beijing ZhongQiang Technological Engineering Company, we have manufactured 42 low pressure blowers – 480 m3/h PG30-80-30.20/30.30 which will allow millions of people from Guangzhou Fushan to enjoy that most valuable of resources in their homes.

The design of this system is such that once it its job is done, it will be moved to other regions with the same aim: to improve the quality of water throughout the country. It is a project in which Pedro Gil is very proud to be a part of.

Improving processes in fodder production plants

With a population of thousands of millions of people, livestock farming is, together with agriculture and fishing, one of the fundamental pillars of food supply in China. In 2002, the country was crowned as the principal global power in livestock production and in 2018 it described itself as “the main supplier of meat to the world”.

In this context, it is no surprise that the landscape of the Asian giant is is dotted everywhere with fodder plants which supply the animals’ food requirements. Particularly, the Zhejiang Famu plant has ordered 15 sets of blowers from Pedro Gil – PG30-100/150-32.20/32.20 – to transfer the raw material from trucks to the handling area inside the factory quickly, hygienically and free from infection.

This technological application will be exported to China, enabling and optimizing this type of processing, and fostering an increase in production and food safety.

Transport of coal dust for boilers

Winters in northern China are very hard. It’s not for nothing that the climate is rated as “subarctic”, characterized by very low temperatures in winter and hot, dry summers. This means that particularly in this region, sources of heat take on vital importance for the subsistence of the population.

In fact, a large number of homes in the province of Gansu Nianning are heated by boilers which use coal dust as fuel. There, specifically in the Beijing Scientific Institute of Coal and Technical Design, we have been able to cooperate in the manufacturing of 40 sets of blowers – PG30-100/150-32.20/33.20/33.30 – to convey the coal to the boiler, as well as supplying an air stream to keep the fire burning and so increase its heating efficiency.

Projects like these encourage us to maintain our confidence in the present and future in this, the biggest global market. That’s why, with our partner Fusheng, we will continue working together so that our brand becomes the reference in the Asian world.