Vaccum Area

Vaccum Area

Vacuum unit PG 35/38 F1

Rotary blower unit for suction, flow rates from 60m3 / h to 8000m3 / h, pressure from -500 to -800 mbar.


Standard Version PG 35F1 – Description of components

Atex Version PG 35F1 – Description of components

Standard Version PG 38F1 – Description of components

Atex Version PG38F1 – Description of components

Vacuum RV / RNV

Vacuum pump RV and RNV up to 10-3 mbar, flow rates from 200 to 15,500 m³/h.

  • High vacuum and efficiency.
  • Reliability and low maintenance costs.
  • Work rate up to 10-3 mbar.

By Pass RVR / RVRB

Vacuum pump – BYPASS RVR / RVRB up to 10-3 mbar, from 200 to 2,000 m³/h.

  • Can start operating at low vacuum.
  • Ideal for working in cyclical processes.
  • Automatic regulation of differential operating pressure.


Dry vacuum SCREW pump. Non-contamination of the process stream.

  • Improved vacuum level and more flexible operation.
  • Does not generate effluents, does not contaminate, no additional water treatment costs.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Able to collect condensation in the feed pump.
  • Lower total cost of operation + installation.

Truck Blowers

Blowers and pumps for trucks, with aspiration and impulsion functionalities.

· Work temperature reduction in 30ºC, achieving a capacity up to 900mbar of pressure.

· Optimal performance in up to 8000 m3/h water flow and in dry vacuum up to 900 mbar.

RVM Vacuum Pumps

RVM vacuum pumps – (Magnetic Coupling). Max. Vacuum Up to 10-5 mbar & 200-9,500 m³/h.

  • Operating pressure range, up to 10-5 mbars maximum vacuum.
  • Airtight magnetic coupling by means of an O-ring seal.
  • Better sealing and leakage coefficient.
  • Improved efficiency.

RVP pre-inlet vacuum

RVP vacuum pump with pre-inlet pressure up to 10-3 mbar, from 200 to 10,000m³/h.

  • Can operate with high differential operating pressure.
  • Internal cooling of process gasses.
  • Operating pressure range up to 10-3 mbar.

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