Pedro Gil present at the forthcoming Exposolidos Fair

On February 12, 13, and 14, Pedro Gil will be present at this year’s Exposolidos, the International Fair for the Technology and Processing of Solids, exhibiting its range of positive displacement blowers and Roots type vacuum pumps.

The most important fair in southern Europe

The International Fair for the Technology and Processing of Solids is recognized as one of the most important fairs in southern Europe in the handling and processing of solids, dry powder, materials in bulk, liquids, semi-solids, and solid/liquid separation.

The most significant leading brands in the sector will be represented which makes this fair the best place for the analysis and comparison of solutions relevant to the the technological requirements of those attending the fair.

Furthermore, Exposolidos is supported by the leading European companies in this field, and by their agents. This is an event specifically designed to foster contacts with other companies in the sector and so enable the finding of solutions to meet shared requirements in the handling of solids, semi-solids and solid/liquid separation.


The best global hub for blowing equipment

For its part, Pedro Gil, with a hundred and twenty years’ experience in the field of design and the management of blowing equipment, will contribute all the knowledge acquired over this time by the company, affording it the capacity to present an extensive catalogue of technologically advanced blowing equipment giving the highest performance and an excellent guarantee of durability.

Additionally, and bearing in mind the international reach of Exposolidos, Pedro Gil offers global coverage to its clients – thanks to its presence in countries such as France, the UK and in Scandinavia – and after-sales service which pursues excellence.

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