The true customer service


At Pedro Gil, we have given another twist of the screw to our technical and integral customer service. The aim is to reinforce and optimize the service, making it faster and more effective and flexible. We want to make a change in our philosophy to “adapt to the needs of each company and minimize any inconvenience, usually experienced in repair and maintenance service of machinery”, explains Alfons Elies, technical manager of Pedro Gil.

In this sense, we have decided to end long waits in assessing equipment. Now within a maximum of one week, we can give a fixed price to repair machinery, even without the need to first see the equipment in the most urgent cases.

Speeding up response and delivery times

At Pedro Gil, we understand the setbacks caused by a stoppage in production lines owing to a breakdown. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Hence, we accompany flexibility in the response, with flexibility at the workshops, and we are committed to shortening delivery times of repaired equipment.

What does not change is our commitment to quality. All machinery repaired by the Pedro Gil technical team is guaranteed as new. This is the result of thorough work at our workshops, along with our facilities, to achieve optimum servicing of the most complex equipment.

Machinery rental option

In all processes of change, we also provide the replacement machinery rental option, with fixed prices and no surprises, throughout the entire repair process, however long this lasts. This is to reduce the effect on your production lines to a minimum.

From Pedro Gil, we would also like to remind you that good maintenance of machinery throughout its lifespan, reduces the risk of facing complex and expensive repairs in the future. Regular maintenance of equipment:

  • lengthens its lifespan.
  • enhances productivity of your business.

It is therefore always advisable to follow manuals of recommendations of use.