New Technical Service Support in The UK


We have recently reached an agreement with the company S and A Engineering Services to offer technical and after-sales service to all our teams in the UK.

An alliance with a company of reference in the country.

S and A Engineering Services is a company of reference in the UK, specializing in the sale, repair, and maintenance of blowers and pumps. In fact, they define themselves as “The trusted blower engineers”.

Since opening our new office (link to post about offices), we have realized that the alliance will allow us to strengthen our presence in this market, offering our clients the opportunity of working with a local benchmark company as is S and A Engineering Services.

Given our clear vocation of service, we are well aware of the relevance that good technical and after-sales service acquires once the commercial transactions are closed. That’s why we consider it important to underline these activities, helping us to improve and increasing our clients’ satisfaction even after completing the sales process.