Pedro Gil Continues Expanding In Europe


In Pedro Gil we are continually growing and looking to the future. One result of this expansive outlook is that we have recently established offices in Birmingham, U.K. and in Scandinavia with the aim of strengthening our presence in these two markets which we consider as strategic for the growth of our company.

New Pedro Gil offices in the United Kingdom & Scandinavia

Birmingham, known as “The workshop of the world”, or “The city of a thousand trades”, is the second most important city in the country in terms of population, and is located in the centre of the English West Midlands. The city gained its reputation during the Industrial Revolution, when it declared itself to be the locomotive of this movement in the country because of the huge number of factories there and their levels of production.

And we cannot be absent from this industrial environment.

With this growth, we will be able to secure our presence in the international market, providing better service and coverage to our clients. Lee Meredith, a professional with extensive experience in the sector, will be in charge of leading this new and exciting project. You can reach him at:

PG United Kingdom & Scandinavia
Upton Walk, Telford , Shropshire
TF1 5GL United Kingdom

Two more offices in Spain

In addition, we are also strengthening our presence at a national level with the opening of two new offices in Spain. This decision has been taken bearing in mind the good results achieved in 2017 and with a view to providing a better service in both the northern and southern zones of the Peninsular, which will now benefit from the support of new representatives offering you the attention and service you deserve.

These two new offices will mean that we continue as market leaders while also reinforcing our focus on growth in the national market.
Furthermore, in this way Pedro Gil is demonstrating the company’s commitment to its clients, striving for expansion and improved communication with them.